At time when cha ildren are confronted with technology at the earliest ages and from every direction, the environment of the choir can provide a respite from a frenzied, fast-paced world that is too often scary and hostile.  Now envision a couple of hours a week when boys can meet together, sing glorious music, play fun but educational musical games, fellowship and eat snacks together, and learn life skills.  For boys who have the gift of music, nothing will be more satisfying.


On April 16, 2015, when we were dreaming of starting the Woodlands Boys Choir, we at HopePointe Anglican Church hosted the most renowned of such choirs in the United States, the American Boychoir, and what an evening we had!  We noticed what a common bond the boys had and the joy they had singing challenging music at the highest level of choral performance.

I asked the two boys who stayed in our home, "What do you love most about being in a boys choir?"

Here's what they said:


            "Once you're in a boys choir, it's like a family, and you're with a lot of brothers."

                                                                                                Dante, age 13

                                                                                                American Boychoir


             "Once you start, you don't want to leave!"

                                                                                                Sam, age 13

                                                                                                American Boychoir


We are praying for every boy entrusted to us, that they will find love, hope and joy through this experience.  Only the Lord knows where we will go!  We hope your young man will audition and join us for the amazing journey ahead.


Sherryl Smith Pond

B.Mus., B.Mus.Ed., M.Mus.

Fulbright Scholar

Organist-Choirmaster, HopePointe Anglican Church

The Woodlands

Welcome Message from the Founding Director