The Woodlands Boys Choir provides the vehicle to transform boys into men of faith and character through excellent music education and performance of inspired choral repertoire,  ancient through modern.  Our mission is to instill a lifelong love of music and learning in a positive and supportive environment that develops self-discipline, self-esteem and maturity, which carries them through to adulthood, whatever their chosen field.



WBC Goals



Our young men will learn how to read music and make music.  They will be taught vocal production, intonation, sight reading through solfége, music theory and expression, all to create a beautiful, clear tone quality that only boys' voices at this age can produce.  They will become comfortable with part singing.



Our boys will learn extraordinary social skills through their experiences in the Woodlands Boys Choir in a positive and nurturing environment.  They will be attentive in rehearsals, practice keen listening skills, learn the self-discipline necessary for exemplary performance and how to achieve it, which will carry over to other disciplines and studies.  They will develop life-long friendships.



Woodlands Boys Choir will perform the finest examples of early through contemporary choral music.  They will sing in multiple languages and in a variety of settings.  They will sing with instrumental musicians, attend festivals and retreats, and grow together as young men, all the while creating a lifelong love of music.